Our evaluation criteria

We bring 100+ years of experience to your project. We know how to turn your security plans into reality. Any hardware or software solution we offer must pass CSI’s evaluation criteria:

  • Is it compatible with proposed equipment and equipment in use at other locations?
  • Is it seamless with existing or proposed IT networks?
  • Will it look good with the aesthetics of the space?
  • Is it easy to install, maintain and upgrade?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Is the manufacturer reliable?
  • Are the products reliable enough for use 24/7?
  • Can they be serviced painlessly?
  • Will our cameras, alarms, and other security monitoring systems allow for future migration as equipment improves and security and surveillance needs change?


It is our job to think outside the box and offer solutions that go above and beyond our clients expectations, we take pride in our ability and experience in designing solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our integrated security systems can be monitored remotely, whether they are wired or wireless.