CSI Launches New Surveillance Pole

Surveillance Pole


Companies are often faced with major cost and installation nightmares while providing security protection. For a growing number of security-sensitive enterprises, mobile trailers are the only option to deploy a reliable, affordable surveillance service capable of securing even the most difficult environments.  No guard house, physical security guards assigned to a location exposed to the elements, surveillance poles can be easily deployed to any construction site within the city or at remote location to protect assets during pre-construction preparations.

  • Quickly Deployed
    Availability of solar powered or land based trailers is dependent on the location, making an upgrade of existing wired infrastructure, economically impractical in many areas. A CSI trailer that is properly equipped, can be easily deployed virtually anywhere. Solar powered units have immediate capability to transmit signal and video images in real time. Depending on your requirements, you have the ability to be visual up to 300 feet and as close as required for visual acuity for facial recognition and increasing your ability to see an event in action.  Remote surveillance can be quickly deployed and installed within days instead of weeks or months.
  • Cost-Effective
    Fiber based or hardwired networks cost significantly more to deploy than an equivalent satellite driven service, often about five to ten times more expensive.  Deploying a guard company to post a guard house remotely increases a company’s street exposure to nefarious elements and added liability, especially in locations that have a reputation of increase threat to human life, for example, (Border crossings) .  A remote video trailer is not only more cost-effective, but also provides the added benefit of scalability based on size of the location providing a more economical solutions for smaller, more budget conscious deployments.
  • High Capacity
    Video is a bandwidth intensive application and imposes stringent bandwidth requirements. A satellite service offers remote capacity to see the site in real time and can be two-way interactive.  The equipment that CSI offers in our remote poles is available in capacities ranging from several Megabits to Gigabit rates, enabling quick build out of high capacity connectivity remotely.  The inherent un-tethered nature of remote wireless security trailers simplifies deploying mobile systems. This includes the transporting of large amounts of data to vehicles for mobile video monitoring.   Remote video connectivity in a remote application can be stored at the site in a Network Video Recording Device (NDVR) and at the remote monitoring station that has an extra set of eyes on the site to notify local Police or Sheriff’s.


Other Features

 Picture2_150x176        Picture3_150x176
2 x 6’ Poles
Lockbox for battery
12vdc 100amp AGM Deep Cycle battery
6’ conduit
Enclosure box for camera and electronics
Solar PWM Charger
Wi-Fi Router with 3g/4g USB Support
3MP Panoramic Camera


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